The ECO-VILLAGE / EKO-CEЛO project is an initiative to build sustainable self-sufficient communities in rural areas of the border regions of eastern Slovakia and Trans Carpathian region. The project aims at the gradual recovery of the environment and society in four dimensions – ecological, economic, social and cultural. The project will seek to raise the whole region, especially by exploiting its tourist potential. The project will also raise public awareness of the need for renewable energy and the necessity of ecological approach to the environment.

The ECO-VILLAGE / EKO-CEЛO project will take place in Prešov and Košice region as well as in Perechyn region which borders with districts of eastern Slovakia. Currently there are five partners involved in the Project, four Ukrainian and one Norwegian. The project, however, counts with involving about thirteen partners from Slovakia, Ukraine and Norway. The ECO-VILLAGE / EKO-CEЛO network will focus on the implementation of three major initiatives:

Promotion and development of eco-tourism in the border region and beyond
Support for building eco-villages (eco-communities) in the border region and beyond
Raising public awareness of the need for sustainability of human activities and the use of renewable energy

The ECO-VILLAGE / EKO-CEЛO project was supported by grants from Norway under the program Cross-border cooperation. The total amount of the grant to implement the project amounts to 352 714 EUR. The project agreement was signed between the beneficiary of a grant, Hriňovská energetická, Ltd. and the Government Office, as the administrator of Norwegian grants in Slovakia. The Agreement entered into force in March 2016. The date of the planned project completion is April 2017.